Tula region


Executive Director

Nina Vorontsova

At different stages of my life I had mentors and was a mentor myself. It’s very important to have a person who’ll support and help you in difficult situations or who‘ll teach you how to behave in new circumstances. Sometimes it’s enough to be aware of having such a person in your life to become stronger and more self-confident. I wish everybody to find such a person nearby when he’s necessary. I know from experience that it’s very important! Our organization “Big Brothers Big Sisters” is engaged in mentoring children in difficult living situations. It’s a big deal and I’m so glad to be part of a great professional team and to be involved in development of mentoring.

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Case manager

Elena Russkih

I was lucky in my life. In my childhood, I was surrounded by the love and care of my parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters. We had a big friendly family in a broad sense: aunts, uncles, their children and parents. We often met, celebrated family holidays together in a big house with my grandparents and supported each other in difficult life situations. My large family was my fortress and a quiet harbor. Much later, when I became a psychologist, I realized how important it is in life to have close people who understand you and accept you just the way you are. Now, since I have a life, professional experience, and the strength and the desire to share my skills and knowledge, I want to help children who need support to find their mentor who will become a true understanding good friend to them.

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