What our case managers do

The most important work is done by our curators. It’s them who select and train volunteers, support mentors and mentees throughout their BBBS journey, curate communication with institutions and Littles’ families, and help event management.

What We Do Every Day

Prepare Volunteers – We process applications, do interviews and psychological assessments, and, most importantly, arrange psychologically suitable pairs – This is a very difficult job and there is almost no room for mistakes.

Work With Pairs –  Every curator supports 25-30 pairs of Bigs and Littles. It is crucial and not easy to remember and support the relationships between 50-60 people. On a daily basis, we do supervisions – meetings or phone calls aimed to check in with couples on their relationship: find out about any communication issues, questions, or other difficulties that might occur. To do that, the curator talks to the volunteer, the child, educators, social workers, or the family.

What We Do Every Week

Work With Governmental Institutions – Every week we go to institutions to talk to children, educators, and psychologists to receive their feedback.

Work With Families – We process family applications, explain the details of volunteering, and the volunteers’ role in children’s lives. We also answer questions of the parents and guardians of our participants.

What We Do Every Month

Organize General Events – Once or twice a month curators organize informal volunteer meetings, psychological groups, and educational and entertaining events for children and mentors. Curators are not the only ones who are involved in event management, but a part of the job goes to them.

Train New Volunteers – Every month we organize a two-day long training for prospective volunteers. Trainings are held on weekends.

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