For corporate partners

In this section, we will tell you about all the possible ways for legal entities to support and work with our programs. We are always happy to meet new partners!

5 Ways To Help Us And Our Mentees:

1. Donations

Without donations, running and developing the program would be impossible. Corporate donations make up about a third of our budget. Any company can donate to a project of ours or sign a contract for regular donations.

2. Professional Help Pro Bono

Pro Bono mean “for community good” in Latin. It means that not only can you donate money but you can also help us with your professional skills. Partners just do their job for us, like we are their clients, although it is free. For example, accounting and law support, psychological, marketing or other types of consulting, design and printing, photo and video, IT and a lot more.

3. Help With Organization

Some partners help us with organizing our events (various charity actions, co-branding events, trainings). Some companies provide us with transport, accommodation, materials for spending, and presents. It’s possible to get involved by any means suitable for the company. Often, it’s more effective than financial help

4. Corporate Volunteering

This is an interesting form of long and conscious partnership for both our program development and our partners. The ways to do it are very individual and different for each company. Our partners’ workers often do something interesting for children, such as participate in our events, spend time doing some beneficial things, and talk to kids about diverse topics. It’s a great way to motivate workers and very interesting for children.

5. Master Classes, Lectures, Educational programs

Events that we organize are aimed to expand children’s perspective and let them try out different activities without limitation. Master classes, educational programs, learning about different careers, sport events – it’s something that can help children understand what they want to do in the future, maybe even pick out their future careers. This is such valuable conscious support!


For corporate partners

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Help with money

Donations will be used for payroll of psychologists, hosting events and for promotion of our program.

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Help with money

Donations will be used for payroll of psychologists, hosting events and for promotion of our program.