Irina and Rustam

Us with eight-year-old Rustam was introduced to the Day of the open door, which took place in the orphanage. But I noticed him before that when he read the poem. I went up and together we made a flower made of paper. So at the time of “official” dating it was easier for us. Immediately talking about different boyish things, and, of course, he was attracted to my phone and games in it. So we chatted for a long time, when all the visitors had already left. Soon my visits became permanent.

Rustam tried very hard to please. On the first visit he read a lot from a children’s book, although reading aloud is not his strong point yet. We collected puzzles, wooden and cardboard models of ships and airplanes. It used to happen that the set came across defective and it was impossible to fold the picture. This made us very happy. Rustam is a mobile boy, and therefore it was better to devise activities that require movement. I brought soap bubbles, always two jars, in order to let them in together on the territory.

He forced me to climb the climbing wall to the hill and tried to persuade her to move out. At the same time he said that he cares about me, because it’s so cool – to ride from the hill. But who would argue! On this hill we played figures from the “kinder”: first Darth Vader competed with master Ugveem, then they teamed up to train young fighters. In the end, we decided to collect these two collections. I like that Rustam has a sense of humor, understands jokes, we laugh a lot.

When we were allowed to go out with our Younger ones, one of the first activities was visiting a knight tournament. I thought that the boy should be interested. And for sure. Rustamke liked to look at fights, look at weapons and try on armor. But even more, I think he liked the trip to the “Chocolate Girl”. When we go to a cafe, he always tries to feed me as much as possible, again showing concern and not listening that I can not eat any more. The fact that men can also cook food and that they even like it, Rustam, as it turned out, had no idea until he visited my house. By the way, I cleaned potatoes, though for the first time, but it’s quite tolerable.

One is upset that the animals are cool, because I adore them. Look at the animals he does not mind, but close to be afraid. I was surprised that he did not even know how to iron seals. I had to teach. Seriously. But the desire to continue this business is not yet visible.

It’s not so fast, apparently, it takes time and to learn how to communicate with animals and tolerate them near you. In “Husky Park” Rustam agreed to lead on a leash puppy, but admitted that he was afraid to approach adult dogs. So, do not rush and demand courage.

A lot of fun was brought by the day when we had fun on the attractions in Izmaylovsky Park, and a walk on the scooters in the park in Sviblovo on a beautiful sunny day. We, of course, try to spend a lot of time in the fresh air, in motion. I’ll take him on a tram, airplane and shuttles, since he likes it so much. In the subway, he often travels with educators and is very good at it. It is very important for boys to move a lot. And more important is affection and friendship with an adult. Feel what is needed, that they come only to him. Rustamka is touchingly waiting for me, making small gifts. It happens that he will leave on the scooter far, and then he demands an answer: was I worried and why. Sometimes I bring a laptop, and the guys are going to see the cartoon, and Rustam is ridiculously defending his place next to me.

If we just walk for a while, he is perplexed, not understanding the meaning of a quiet walk. I hope that in time will understand. I say to him: “Walking, people entertain themselves with pleasant conversation.” “Then,” said Rustamka, “I want to hear about Sherlock Holmes.” I was overjoyed and told him everything I could remember. The next time he asked me to buy him a book about the famous detective, promising that he would read it for the summer. Here, I’m waiting for the report, I read it or not.

I will tell him more about books and films, since he is able to listen with interest. Perhaps then he will want to read something himself, adventure. But it is necessary to train attention. Long to concentrate on some kind of activity it is still difficult, but he tries. In my plans to help Rustamka improve literacy. He liked it when, having recorded the song of the cat Leopold, he could read it: suddenly, once, the poem turned out. And it’s not like exercise, but trained.

I became attached to my dear Rustamka. I want everything in his life to turn out well.

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