Alina and Marina

They have been friends since March 2015.

“Friendship with a child from an orphanage makes you better” – these are not just loud words for advertising, it’s true. I’ll start from the beginning. In a popular girlish magazine, I came across a publication about the project “Big Brothers, Big Sisters” and I realized that I would be happy to participate! I have the inner strength and desire to share. I passed the interview, testing and training. And my wise curator Lena Kuznetsova picked up my younger sister – Marina.

It was love at first sight. My Marina is a very kind, sensitive girl, always ready to help. Yes, there is still a lack of confidence in ourselves, but we successfully fight together against it. The child allows me to look at everything differently. You get to understand that the problems you struggle with now, in a couple of years will seem trivial. The child teaches me to rejoice and look at the world openly and with optimism. Our friendship has lasted more than a year, and I hope that it will last a lifetime. I encourage everyone to become volunteers in such an important and necessary program, “Big Brothers, Big Sisters.”As Mark Twain said: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up.”


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